Resume Power Hour™ by Jenny Logullo

Resume Power Hour™

The #1 skill most professionals need to land a new job or score a promotion: communication.

I’m here to help you implement your communications strategy, so you’re crafting compelling job materials needed to stand out in the marketplace, you’re exuding confidence and charisma in your interviews with decision-makers, and so that you leverage your digital presence to be seen.

After taking this course, you'll position yourself as the go-to expert and learn how to conduct a strategic job search to land a job in today's job market. 

Launches on December 3rd, 2020

What will I get out of this course?

📎 Gain clarity and accountability, so you're not overwhelmed and stressed out in the job search game!
📎 Learn how to stay relevant, stay competitive, and develop a growth mindset for your career
📎 Learn a proven formula on how to craft compelling bullet-points about your professional experiences
(even with little to no work experience!)
📎 Access to unlimited resume templates & power verb word bank
📎 Access to a private LinkedIn community group to ask your questions + connect with job seekers on the same boat!
📎 Breakthrough the awkward networking barrier with step-by-step communication training and templates
📎 Lifetime access to course updates, trainings + templates 

📎 BONUS #1: Interview preparation and fill-in-the-blanks copy snacks, so you learn how to prepare and communicate who you are in the marketplace and why an organization should hire you.

📎 BONUS #2: Cover letter writing mini-course with templates, so you're writing a tailored and compelling cover letter that sells your expertise. 🎉

Who is this course for?

✅ For you if...✅

🌱 You're an entry to mid-level professional
🌱 You want to grow your career or land a new job that aligns with your lifestyle
🌱 You're READY to learn how to be a better communicator and talk about your work experiences 
🌱 You're READY to try new job search approaches
🌱 You're READY to get organized and stop winging it
🌱 You're READY to take on a growth mindset, learning how to be competitive and grow your confidence

🚫 Not for you if...🚫

💥 You're afraid to implement a new approach
💥 You believe your job search is strictly Google 
💥 You don't care about learning new approaches to be seen, heard, and valued 
💥 You don't have the time or won't make the time 
💥 You want to wing it and see what sticks
💥 You don't see the value in honing your communication skills
💥 You don't want to challenge what you've been doing in your job search


"Jenny is an effective career coach. She's great to work with and has such amazing insight in terms of the job market, the value of personal branding, and at the end of the day, she really makes me feel like a valued client. She introduced me to so many new ideas and ways of thinking..."
— Jody J. (Former Client)
"I left my job about a month before the coronavirus pandemic. Jenny’s one-on-one coaching helped me create a resume powerful enough to stand out from the rest during an unprecedented shift in the job market..."
— Taylor L. (Former Client)
"Jenny’s coaching is well-organized, informational, and thoughtful. She has helped me curate a career timeline based on my goals and skills. It was pleasure working with her. She is the best in her craft!"
— Karen S. (Former Client)


How long do I have access to this course?

You'll have lifetime access to this course, so you can revisit the modules and download templates as needed! You'll just have to use the login credentials used for when you registered for the course.

How long will it take me to complete this course?

This is a self-study course, so you can move at your own pace! Videos are pre-recorded, includes worksheets, cheatsheets, and bite-sized presentations, so you're super clear on what you're learning and why. We're all about clear and simple communication here. 

Who's instructing the class?

Jenny Logullo is an experienced marketer, writer, and educator. She's active on LinkedIn, TikTok (60K+ followers) and Instagram (2K followers), where she shares free content on career development and job placement tips. Jenny also coaches students on a 1:1 capacity in her signature coaching program Workplace Worth Academy™. 

As seen in: GirlBoss®, NY Times, HerCampus, and on Yahoo! Finance. 

What if I'm unhappy with this course?

If you're unhappy with the course materials and completed each module, please email to discuss a refund. Resume Power Hour™ went though a rigorous 3 month beta-testing phase and has helped many entry to mid-level career professionals secure their next gig. Your feedback and satisfaction matters to Jenny! 

Meet Your Instructor

Jenny Logullo (she/her) is a marketer, writer, and career coach helping early-to-mid career souls communicate self-worth and boundaries, build credible expertise, and channel curiosity when it comes to exploring new career paths.